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Earthquake Insurance

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California Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake causes damage, like this broken window.

You’ve experienced many earthquakes if you live in California. Earthquake insurance from B.H. Gold Insurance Agency can help you cover damages caused by seismic activity.

In California, earthquakes are a part of life. What some people don’t realize is that even though the damage done by earthquakes is typically done to your home or apartment, home and renters insurance policies do not usually cover damage done by earthquakes.

That is why B.H. Gold Insurance Agency wants to make sure that you have earthquake insurance.

With southern California alone getting hit by over 10,000 earthquakes every year, there is a need for all property owners and renters to have earthquake insurance.

If you want to make sure that your home is protected against these unruly natural disasters, call B.H. Gold Insurance Agency today and speak with one of our insurance professionals about getting a quote on earthquake insurance.

In the case of an earthquake, you will be happy to have earthquake insurance! California residents with this coverage will be protected from seismic activity, and their insurance will cover many property damages that may result from an earthquake.

Please fill out our free quote form online or call to speak with an agent from B.H. Gold Insurance Agency today! We would love to speak with you further about earthquake insurance. California has over 100 earthquakes a day on average, so don’t delay!

When you Run a Business, Commercial Insurance can Make a Big Difference.

The helpful agents at B.H. Gold Insurance Agency will guide you toward the proper protection.

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