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Regular Checks for Car Owners

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Whether you’re off on a long road trip or just want to make sure your car is roadworthy, these are some regular checks that could make sure your on-road experience is a safer one. You should also regularly review your auto insurance coverage to make sure it is adequate for your needs.

Why You Need Earthquake Insurance in California

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Are you wondering why you need earthquake insurance? In California, earthquake coverage isn’t typically included in a standard homeowners insurance policy. Like other types of specialty insurance, such as flood insurance, earthquake insurance is usually bought separately.

CA Car Insurance for Second-Hand Car Buyers

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When looking to buy a second-hand car in CA, your decision would generally be based on various factors. The make, model, size, age and condition, fuel efficiency, and safety record might potentially all impact your decision. While you may not rank insurance high on the agenda, it’s worth understanding how your choice of car might affect your auto premiums.

Budget Basics for a Second Car

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As families grow, and work and play take you in different directions, there may often be a call for a second car. It’s essential to look at all of your ongoing expenses when deciding what you can afford, such as CA car insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

Movers, shakers and earthquake insurance in California

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When it comes to movers and shakers,
there’s no place quite like California. Unfortunately however, we sometimes get
a little more than we bargained for. Earthquakes are to California as wannabe
starlets are to Rodeo Drive, so it’s a good idea that every local, and anyone
who decides to make California their home, knows how to protect their property
with earthquake
insurance in California.

What’s Really Important when Buying a Second-Hand Car?

Category: Blog

Everyone looking to buy a second-hand car is wise to make a
list to help narrow down the search. This could include the absolute
essentials, as well as what might be nice but you could live without. It’s
important to be realistic with any car search and to include a budget, not just
for the vehicle, but for ongoing expenses such as CA
car insurance.

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