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Do You have Coverage for the Earthquake Activity in California?

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As a resident of California, you can’t escape from earthquakes. Earthquake activity is occurring all the time, all over the state, according to a real time mapping site maintained by the U.S. Geological Survey. You’ll probably be unaware of the smaller ones, even if they are close to you. However, when a big one comes, you need to be prepared, as widespread devastation, particularly in the cities, could be what you’re facing.

Since 1980, there have been five earthquakes with magnitudes of 6.7 or higher, resulting in deaths, injuries, and millions of dollars worth of damage. Surviving an earthquake may be partly due to luck and location. However, surviving in the aftermath could have a lot to do with your preparation.

You need to plan for an earthquake. You need to have predetermined places to meet up with family if you are separated. You need supplies of water, food, torches, clothing, and bedding. Power and other services may be interrupted for some time, so you need to look at the potential scenario in terms of basic survival. There could be aftershocks, so you need to plan to leave the danger area and make for safer ground as quickly as you can.

You also need to have earthquake insurance. Surprisingly, small numbers of people in California carry earthquake insurance, despite the known risks. Even small tremors can cause damage, so you shouldn’t think of it in terms of chancing a really huge quake – be sensible and get the coverage.


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