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Customize Your Insurance When You Customize Your Car

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Okay, you have your first car, and you want to make a splash by customizing the vehicle so it’s unique. However, before you go spending money on fancy accessories, give your insurance agent a quick call to ask about how the changes will affect your car insurance. You should check what standard insurance will and won’t cover before you do too much alteration of a base model car.

Basic comprehensive car insurance is designed to cover a standard model car. Two things happen when you customize a vehicle. First, you change it from its ‘base model’ status. Second, you also end up with a number of potentially pricey non-standard features. This is where you could run into trouble with insurance.

For starters, those features didn’t come with the car, so they don’t count under a basic policy and they can also make your car more at risk of being stolen or vandalized. To combat this, you may also need to consider upgrading its security, installing anti-theft devices, alarms, and possibly even a kill switch to disable the ignition when it’s parked.

All of this means that if you are going to customize your new car, you need to look at customizing your car insurance. That could also cost you more, so you may need to take some time out to see if you have the budget for all these additions and the ongoing costs of protecting them.


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