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CA Car Insurance for Second-Hand Car Buyers

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When looking to buy a second-hand car in CA, your decision would generally be based on various factors. The make, model, size, age and condition, fuel efficiency, and safety record might potentially all impact your decision. While you may not rank insurance high on the agenda, it’s worth understanding how your choice of car might affect your auto premiums.

The cost of car insurance is usually determined by factors including your driving record, frequency of insurance claims, and the condition and age of the car. Together, these may give an insurance provider an indication of the likelihood of a claim on your part. It’s obviously a guideline only, but providers need some mechanism in place to help work out a pricing structure. As such, the higher your risk factor, the chance that you might claim, the higher your premiums will generally be.

There’s no way to work out a specific figure without a quote for car insurance, which is something one of our agents can arrange for you. In general, however, do remember that older cars in poorer condition and/or with poorer safety records may cost you more in premiums. Should you have any other queries regarding insurance costs, or your insurance obligations as a driver, be sure to speak to one of our agents.


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