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Earthquake Insurance in California: What You Need to Know

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June was an extreme weather month across the United States, with Tropical Storm Debby dumping more than two feet of rain on Florida, and Colorado wildfires destroying more than 350 homes. It’s always sobering to see disasters of this kind, especially when people are injured and homes are lost. California is no stranger to natural disasters, yet curiously, some homeowners still do not have earthquake insurance in California in place. Should you be among them, it may be worth considering just how insurance might assist.

Any home policy may provide coverage both for the dwelling or structure itself, and for all of your possessions. While it’s sometimes easy for long-term residents of this state to become complacent about earthquakes, the reality is that it takes only one major impact to wreak havoc. Imagine losing not only all of your possessions and your house, or worse, assuming you had adequate protection, only to find your insurance did not cover earthquakes – at all. It has happened, which is why it’s vital that you are clear on your insurance provisions.

Earthquake insurance in California
is generally easily obtained. To see how it might help you, take the time to speak to your insurance agent for advice and information.


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