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Budget Basics for a Second Car

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As families grow, and work and play take you in different directions, there may often be a call for a second car. It’s essential to look at all of your ongoing expenses when deciding what you can afford. You’ll be potentially doubling up on CA car insurance, fuel and maintenance so it’s important to be clear up front on the total costs and how much you have to spend.

Create a thorough budget. There’s no denying a second car may place a strain on finances, so perhaps look at what’s vital and what you could live without. You might be inclined to opt for a second-hand car and forego some of the extra features. A stereo or the car color may seem far from relevant when you know you might otherwise be struggling financially. Think too about how often you will be using the car.

Should it be for zipping around short distances only, you might be better off with a smaller, more economical model. Don’t forget to research features and reviews for any car type so you know which have a good safety record.

When it comes to insurance, do remember too that there are mandatory requirements for all California drivers. Your insurance agent may assist with any queries you have on CA car insurance for both of your vehicles.


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