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Movers, shakers and earthquake insurance in California

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When it comes to movers and shakers,
there’s no place quite like California. Unfortunately however, we sometimes get
a little more than we bargained for. Earthquakes are to California as wannabe
starlets are to Rodeo Drive, so it’s a good idea that every local, and anyone
who decides to make California their home, knows how to protect their property
with earthquake
insurance in California

The first and most important point
to note is that standard homeowners and renters policies do not provide
coverage for earthquakes. Yes, if you just assumed you were covered, you
definitely should have read your policy. It’s best to find out now, however,
and not after being struck by a quake.

Earthquake insurance is generally
easily obtained, so while standard home policies usually cover many
circumstances such as fire, theft and storm damage, earthquake coverage may be
a very wise addition.

For advice on earthquake insurance, California residents are advised to speak
with their agent. Insurance policies are never going to be riveting reading, so
for advice, information and even tips on insurance discounts, feel free to give
your agent a call.


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