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Don’t let Accidents Hurt You, Rely on Insurance San Diego Loves for Protection!

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Can you imagine if one large accident caused destruction to everything you love? This is a very possible scenario, especially since you live in California. From wildfires to earthquakes and more, you need to find protection that will provide you with peace of mind. This is where insurance in San Diego comes into play.

According to The Daily News Los Angeles, a brush fire was sparked by small plane that crashed in the Sleepy Valley area. The accident burned for 12 acres, ruining land and polluting the air with smoke. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reported that the pilot managed to escape the aircraft, which caught fire immediately upon impact. The FAA was trying to figure out the cause of the crash.

At B.H. Gold Insurance Agency, it is clear this event was tragic on many fronts. Not only did the vehicle get destroyed, but the pilot’s life was endangered, land was destroyed, and the health of others was put at risk. All of these factors add up to a large financial burden on multiple parties. However, having the proper insurance San Diego can trust, these residents and others can avoid mishaps when faced with the unpredictable!

We can outfit you with tailored solutions for both your commercial and personal insurance requirements. By streamlining the process for you, we can help create a package that caters to your unique specifications. Our policies will affordably fit your lifestyle, business model, and budget. So don’t hesitate, have insurance in San Diego by your side during disastrous events!


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