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Accidents Happen, So Cover the Costs of Them with California Business Liability Insurance

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As a business owner, you must always be prepared for the unpredictable. If you deal with machinery, retail items, or customers on a daily basis, you must always be cautious of how you sell and produce your products. What if an accident took place within or outside of your company? To be covered for a mishap that may have been your fault or not, you need California business liability insurance.

According to UT San Diego, a single-engine airplane struck a hangar at Fallbrook airport. The accident seriously injured the pilot, and officials said the plane hit the structure about 100 yards from the runway. The plane appeared to be a Bowers Fly Baby, an experimental aircraft built in 1969. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board were notified of the crash.

What if this aircraft experienced a malfunction due to the construction of it in your factory? Or what if the property damage caused was your fault since you use the airplane for business? All of these situations are possible and tragic. However, at B.H. Gold Insurance Agency, we want to help you prevent these risks. Therefore, to avoid financial loss, you need reliable California business liability insurance.

We can offer you a comprehensive policy that will provide your company with peace of mind. This package will allow you to be protected if an accident occurs on your business’s property, not worry about having to make payments related to injuries or damages due to products or services of your business, and much more. We can meet the specific needs of your organization by protecting you from unique risks with California business liability insurance.


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