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Have Peace of Mind Each Morning and Night with Reliable Insurance San Diego Loves!

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Do you want to make a change in your life? Why not start with the place you relax in the most. Your bedroom is the spot where you can rest your thoughts and eyes without a worry in the world. However, the unpredictable is always present, no matter where you are in your home. Therefore, rather than waiting for the unknown, take control and have our insurance in San Diego by your side.

According to Green Goes Simple, human beings dedicate one third of their lives to sleeping. This is because sleeping refreshes the body and mind, recharging you for the next day. Although you can’t control everything that may disrupt your rest outside your walls, there are a few simple changes you can make to transform your ordinary bedroom into a sanctuary:

1. Leave your shoes at the door.
Going shoeless does more than keep your house clean. “The rubber on the soles of your shoes picks up chemicals and toxins from the pavement,” says Emily Anderson, eco-style expert and author of Eco-Chic Home. “You don’t want to bring those things into your bedroom.”
2. Manage your mattress.
Rotate your mattress every six months. “Rotating gets rid of dust mites and toxins and will prolong the life of the mattress,” says Anderson. Flip the mattress both horizontally and vertically. Forget what side you’re on? Anderson recommends pinning a note to the foot of the bed.
3. Chill out.
“Sleeping in a cooler temperature is not just the green thing to do — you actually sleep better when the thermostat is down,” says Anderson. Aim for 68 degrees in the winter.
4. Protect your pillow.
Pillows are susceptible to stains from makeup and natural face oils. Anderson recommends always covering your pillow with a washable case. “A pillowcase will protect your pillow and allow you to keep it longer,” she says.
5. Illuminate naturally.
Anderson recommends setting up your bedroom to optimize the lighting. “Arrange your bed so it’s facing at least one window. Natural light wakes you up and makes it easier for you to get out of bed in the morning.”

At B.H. Gold Insurance Agency, we are dedicated to protecting you in all areas of your life. We offer reliable and affordable insurance San Diego can trust. Whether you want to safeguard your family or business, you can do so with our variety of options. We want to provide you with peace of mind, and our services will satisfy your needs!

As your local source for insurance services and solutions, our staff remains committed to providing responsive customer support to our neighbors throughout the state. We can outfit you with tailored solutions for both your California commercial and personal insurance requirements. Our experienced specialists can pair you with a range of packages so you can have the best deals on insurance in San Diego and throughout So Cal!


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