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Avoid the costly consequences of lawsuits with our California Business Liability Insurance!

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Do you own a company that provides for the people? Your friendly services and reliable products may be trusted by the entire community, but what if a mistake happened that possibly ruined this reputation? Many con artists try to impersonate business employees in order to make their way into a home and commit crimes. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your investment, employees, and customers. Therefore, you need our California business liability insurance as a safeguard.

According to CBS8, La Mesa police have been warning residents about a burglar posing as a utility worker or city inspector. This disguise is meant to distract victims while an accomplice steals items from homes. The burglaries occurred at about 3 p.m. last Thursday, reports La Mesa police Lt. Matt Nicholass.

In the first burglary, a man claiming to be an SDG&E worker told a resident he needed to check an electrical breaker box. In the second, a man identified himself as being with the “City Inspector’s Office” and told the resident there was a gas leak in the yard. “A resident should always request to verify the identity of a service worker by asking to see their employee photo identification card,” Nicholass said. “If a resident is still uncertain the subject is an employee, they can call the appropriate agency to verify their purpose and identity.”

At B.H. Gold Insurance Agency, we hope that all residents are aware of these incidents and stay alert in order to protect their homes. On the business side of things, this terrible incident has caused slander for the company. What if this happened to your organization? In order to protect all of your hard work and those who support you each day, you need our California business liability insurance!

Owning a business means always avoiding potential risks so you can remain available to your customers. This is why we believe our policy will help you move in the right direction rather than worrying about accidents or mishaps that are out of your control. This coverage will allow you to be protected if an accident occurs on your property, make payments related to injuries or damages to products, pay for expensive lawsuits, and much more. We can tailor your California business liability insurance to meet your specific needs so you can find peace of mind!


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