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Start a business where you can have fun and please your customers and employees!

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Are you hoping to become the next successful business owner? Starting your own company can be a difficult task to take on. However, with hard work, organization, the right employees, and protection, you can maintain a profitable investment. In addition, with a coverage package, you can avoid financial losses due to accidents.

According to the magazine Inc., if you are starting a new business, you should look into the relaxation beverage industry. This category of business is forecasted to have the largest five-year revenue growth, 24.8% annually, says industry research publisher IBISWorld. Within these drinks, there is no hard alcohol and it has the opposite effect of energy drinks. These promote sleep or relaxation, such as Dream Water.

Online gaming development is also a good target for entrepreneurs. “This same industry continues to foster opportunities for growth, particularly as games continue to shift to smartphone applications…and new firms with new ideas capable of capturing audiences may run into the same fortune as major company Zynga,” says the report.

Other industries on IBISWorld’s top 10 list for projected annual revenue growth include: corporate wellness services (9.8%), online survey software (9.6%), wineries (4.9%), human resources and benefits administration (4.2%), and street vendors (3.7%).

Are you excited to get started? If so, then before taking that leap of faith, consult B.H. Gold Insurance Agency. We are here to protect you from the unpredictable and accidents. What if an injury occurs in your factory and a law suit comes your way, will you be able to sustain the blow? This is why we provide comprehensive and reliable California business liability insurance!

When owning a business, you need to learn how to avoid potential risks. With our help, we can take you through the steps toward ensuring that your company is protected against some of the most prevalent risks for businesses, such as lawsuits. Our California business liability insurance policies are tailored to the needs of each specific organization we insure, so begin your successful future with our solutions!


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