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Keep your brand safe and controlled with our California Business Liability Insurance!

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Are you concerned about some business moves you have made? If you are hesitant about the results of a strategy and how it will affect others, you should make sure you are protected. Although you hope not to have the worst outcome occur, it is possible. Therefore, avoid the risk of financial devastation due to a lawsuit or other damages by having the right coverage.

According to The North County Times, the San Marcos City Council passed a new version of its sign ordinance last week in an effort to get rid of distracting advertising such as commercial mascots, mobile messaging signs, pole signs, and feather banners. The updated law addresses free-speech concerns by adopting a “content-neutral” approach to sign regulation.

“In the old ordinance, the political signs … were singled out, as opposed to being treated as if they were any other noncommercial sign,” said City Attorney Helen Holmes Peak. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a political sign or a sign about your knitting club, or anything else. It’s protected speech.”

The council also voted to outlaw signs that could compromise street safety and aesthetics, but voiced reservations about suppressing advertising. “We wanted to make sure we weren’t being too onerous, because we’re still in a tough economy and don’t want to be hurting our businesses if we don’t have to,” Mayor Jim Desmond said.

Much of the discussion revolved around the prohibitions against mascots and mobile signs. Critics have complained that people brandishing commercial signs generate a circuslike atmosphere, and Councilman Hal Martin said they also create a safety hazard.

“If they do their jobs well, they’re distracting drivers,” he said. The council also discussed the ban on mobile messaging signs, expressing concern that small-business owners could be cited for emblazoning personal vehicles with advertising. Staff members concluded that they could sidestep that problem by limiting the ban to commercial vehicles used as mobile billboards.

At B.H. Gold Insurance Agency, we understand that in this tough economy, you need to go to creative lengths as a business owner to get your name out there. However, you shouldn’t be putting someone’s safety in danger to do so. Therefore, try to think of other methods to keep your brand in households and to gain loyal customers. In addition, to protect your investment from the worst, have our California business liability insurance by your side!

When it comes to finding comprehensive general liability insurance, you can rely on us to keep you protected against some of the most prevalent risks for businesses. This policy will keep you safe if an accident occurs on your property, if you need to make payments related to injuries, or if you are at risk of possibly having to pay a lawsuit. So rather than hoping for the best, prepare for the worst by smartly investing in our tailored California business liability insurance!


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